Our Mission

Lacey Green Parish Council is here to serve the communities of Lacey Green, Loosley Row and Speen.
We are an active Council seeking to preserve and enhance the character and community spirit of our picturesque villages set in the Chiltern Hills.

Here are some of the activities that we are currently involved in:

• Reviewing all planning applications to ensure they are aligned to the character of the Parish
• Looking at ways to calm the traffic that goes through the villages
• Providing good access to pathways and footpaths
• Ensuring bus shelters are kept in good condition
• Keeping village assets such as memorials, ponds, and The Garden of Rest well maintained, whilst working with
suppliers to ensure residents have access to high quality and safe Parish playgrounds and equipment
• Supporting local charities and community initiatives

Who are we?

For a detailed list of all current members, please visit the Councillors’ page.

Keeping you informed

We have incorporated an archive of the Council minutes from meetings September 2018 onwards and will continue to upload the latest dates and minutes from all the Council meetings onto this site.

We will use the Notice page to keep you updated about local information and other items which we think are important for you to know.

Get in touch

The Parish Council welcomes suggestions and comments from its Parishioners. Contact can be made through the Parish Clerk or completing the form on the contact page. Contact: clerk@laceygreen-pc.org.uk telephone: 01296 668206